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A residential real estate transaction may seem fairly straightforward at first. However, there may be hidden risks that can have major consequences for buyers or sellers. It’s essential to protect your rights and the investment you make. Choose a real estate lawyer with experience and knowledge in all practice areas of real estate transactions. At ASM LAW PC, we provide our clients with comprehensive real estate services that are effective and affordable.

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Our firm offers expertise in handling all varieties of real estate transactions that include:

Selling and Buying. We represent clients throughout the whole process of selling or buying residential property. Call our firm for transactions involving single-family homes, condos, townhouses or timeshares. We offer expert legal counsel for matters relating to purchase agreements, zoning, building codes, home inspections, closing and financing. In addition, we handle land sale contracts and short sales for our clients.

The purchase or sale of a residence is a significant transaction. With so much at stake, it’s critical to hire an experienced real estate lawyer that represents your best interests. We represent home buyers and sellers from purchase agreement all the way through to the closing.

Loans and Distressed Properties. We help homeowners find affordable solutions that protect their real estate investments and financial condition when facing financial challenges. In addition, we assist our clients with loan modifications and foreclosure defenses.

In the event your bank initiates foreclosure our law firm is here to fight for your rights. We have the expertise to defend your best interests in a foreclosure proceeding. If a lender doesn’t comply with the law, we can take action that prevents or delays foreclosure. Additionally, we can assist you in preventing foreclosure by filing for bankruptcy.

Legal Help for Real Estate Transactions

Our firm also represent lenders for actions to safeguard their financial interests in matters concerning distressed property. ASM LAW PC applies his expertise in loan structures and real estate transaction to facilitate affordable solutions for lenders.

In some cases, foreclosures happen when homeowners don’t understand the terms of the mortgage agreement. For example, after a low interest rate initially, some mortgages increase sharply to much higher rates. An effective way to avoid confusion due to contract terms is to have a real estate lawyer review it. We thoroughly scrutinize the terms of a transaction and negotiate with the other party to protect your interests.

Leases and Landlord/Tenant Disputes. We provide landlords as well as tenants with proactive representation in lease disputes. We handle matters relating to leases, rental payments, property damages, security deposits and other issues. Our lawyers can resolve lease disputes via negotiation in addition to litigation.

Before entering a property lease, it’s smart to consult with an experienced lawyer. Thoughtful negotiating and preparation of a lease serves to prevent inconvenience and problems later on. At ASM LAW PC, we assist owners and tenants in drafting and negotiating leases that protect their interests. Also, contact us for aggressive legal representation in landlord/tenant disputes.

Real Estate Transactions – Leasing Agreements

There are multiple issues to resolve when it comes to residential leasing agreements. These mainly include:

  • The terms of the lease. Typically, a lease is for one year.
  • Rental rates, expiration date and late payment fees.
  • Security deposits and related conditions.
  • Limitations upon the number of occupants, subletting and pets.
  • How to terminate the lease, consequences for breaking the lease agreement.

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Our firm assists clients in drafting or modifying lease agreements to address all relevant issues and protect their interests.

Real Estate Transactions – Landlord/Tenant Disputes Lawyer

Disputes between landlords and tenants can occur regardless of the terms of their lease agreement.

A few examples of common disputes include:
  • -The tenant causes a nuisance or property damages.
  • -The tenant fails to pay rent in a timely manner.
  • -Failure of the tenant to vacate the property following termination of the lease.
  • -Breach of the lease agreement by either landlord or tenant.
  • -The landlord fails to provide basic services and repairs.
  • -Disputes over the security deposit.

If you’re in need of legal representation for any variety of residential real estate transaction, contact us for a consultation. We serve the communities of Elgin, South Elgin, Naperville, North Aurora, Aurora, Palatine and the greater Chicagoland region.

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