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Real Estate Litigation

Real Estate Litigation

When conflicts arise in real estate, they can become expensive and quite time-consuming. From landlord/tenant matters or residential boundary disputes to commercial building lease conflicts, we can help with real estate litigation.

Our firm utilizes our considerable experience to help attain the key goals of our clients in real estate disputes. Firstly, we work hard to get the best possible results. Secondly, we practice law in a way that’s cost-effective for our clients, straightforward and proactive. We bring lengthy trial experience in the event it becomes necessary for real estate litigation. Our belief is to fight for our clients while also shielding them from unnecessary conflicts that aren’t in their interests.

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Knowledgeable Legal Guidance in Real Estate Litigation

Attorney Adil Mohammed successfully handles a variety of real estate disputes for his firm’s valued clients. Through arbitration or litigation, contact us for legal services in the areas of:

  • -Title and easement issues.
  • -Boundary disputes.
  • -Nondisclosure of structural defects.
  • -Disputes regarding purchase agreements.
  • -Title claims.
  • -Evictions.
  • -Mechanic’s liens
  • -Foreclosure and foreclosure litigation.
  • -Septic issues.
  • -Zoning, code issues

Many of the most typical disputes over real estate are avoidable with the protection of a carefully contract. This applies whether you’re an individual buying your dream house or an Illinois business entering a commercial lease.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

Some of the most common types of real estate disputes are:

Breach of contract. Any sale, purchase or lease is a type of contract. When a party to a contract doesn’t fulfill their obligations they may be found in breach of contract. When a party has a correctly drafted contract, they may seek damages for losses resulting from breach of the contract.

Boundary disputes. These occur when boundaries aren’t properly registered or when a property line supersedes the lawful line. A real estate lawyer researches the property’s boundary to confirm whether there are areas of possible disagreement.

Specific performance. On occasion a party in a real estate contract doesn’t perform something in the agreement. A performance action directs the party to perform the obligations in the contract. For example, you may seek a court order that forces a seller who refuses the sale to release the property.

Real estate fraud. If a party in a negotiation makes false representations and causes injury, it is real estate fraud. As an example, consider if a real estate agent withholds information that threatens the success of a development. Certainly, that would serve as grounds for pursuing damages.

Disputes among co-owners. Sometimes property that more than one person owns may be the subject of a dispute. For instance, if co-tenants or partners conflict over the cost of repairs, rent or other issues. The services of lawyer experienced in real estate litigation can help resolve these matters.

Title issues and insurance. A title must be “clean” for buyers. There are numerous ways to establish that a title is clear that we can recommend.

Real Estate Litigation Lawyer for Kane, Cook and DuPage Counties

Our law firm represents individuals, commercial entities, contractors, subcontractors, owners, builders, borrowers and lenders. Our expertise extends to all stages of real estate disputes and transactions.

Commercial real estate litigation relates to income-generating real estate. For example, litigation can involve office or apartment buildings, condos, hotels, industrial plants, restaurants or retail outlets.

Litigation may occur from any aspect of these properties such as acquisition, financing, construction or leasing. The disputes may be as diverse as the people and projects.

With respect to developers, litigation may arise with property sellers regarding purchase and sales agreements. Or, with municipalities regarding zoning or contractors over construction bids. For instance, litigation may stem from cost overruns and construction delays that cost investors significant sums. When it comes to lenders, litigation might arise with borrowers regarding loan obligations, defaults and debts.

For parties who own property, legal disputes can develop with retailer and or commercial tenants due to unpaid and overdue rent. Faulty repairs, renovation obligations and rights of first refusal can also spark real estate litigation.

Through our experience, we have an understanding of ownership and financing structures. In addition, we have expertise in the complex rules and regulations applicable to real estate transactions. We apply a strategic approach to solving problems that proactively help our clients attain their financial goals.

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