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When You Should Hire an Immigration Lawyer

Immigration laws are very complex. In most cases, hiring an immigration lawyer will save you time, frustration and even money. Read on to learn helpful information about what our immigration lawyers do and how our law firm can help you.

An immigration lawyer is an independent legal practitioner with no connection to the nation’s immigration authorities. An Immigration Lawyer Near Me Elgin IL helps clients manage issues relating to green cards, visas, citizenship and immigration benefits. Immigration laws are federal. This means that you may obtain help from a lawyer in any state even if you’re living outside the USA.

Immigration Lawyer Near Me Elgin IL

Not all immigration matter require consultation with a lawyer. For instance, if you plan to visit the USA for recreation and will return within 90 days, you may not need a visa. However, immigration law is very complicated. In many situations, hiring a lawyer is definitely in your best interests. Without a doubt, you’ll want to hire a lawyer who specializes in immigration law if:

-You are not clear about your eligibility for obtaining a green card or other types of immigration benefits.

-If you are receiving government assistance while residing in the United States. Or if you believe you may be ineligible due to another reason.

-You are seeking any type of discretionary relief. For example, a waiver or asylum which involves asking immigration authorities to grant you benefits they may not usually offer.

-You’re experiencing difficulty in obtaining a green card, citizenship or some other immigration benefit. Or, perhaps immigration authorities are asking you to provide additional information.

-You are in need of emergency assistance with an immigration issue.

Immigration Lawyer Near Me – ASM Law – Call 847-231-3999

-Deportation or removal efforts are in progress against you.

-Authorities issue a denial to your immigration application.

-You were convicted of a criminal offense and are attempting to enter the United States. Or, you wish to protect yourself against removal from the United States.

-You plan to move to the United States for work but the employer is not assisting you with immigration procedures.

-If you are looking into application procedures and find the paperwork too confusing. Certainly, there are a number of documents to complete that can be very time-consuming. An Immigration Lawyer Near Me Elgin IL can help you accurately complete your paperwork so you’ll avoid mistakes.

These are just a few of the typical reasons why you should consult with lawyer who practices immigration law.

Information on the steps involved in becoming a legal citizen of the United States

Acquiring United States citizenship can offer a lot of opportunities. These include access to a United States passport, protection against deportation and voting in public elections. However, it requires a few steps to become a citizen. For instance, you must establish your eligibility to file for citizenship and supply fingerprints. Also, you’ll need to attend an interview and pass tests confirming your knowledge of English and United States civics. Lastly, you need to attend an oath ceremony.

Regardless of your eligibility, coronavirus closures may slow down application processes. In reply to health hazards resulting from the pandemic, immigration authorities have closed their offices. Consequently, this means that while it shall accept applications, it can’t schedule you for an interview until it can reopen. Likewise for your oath-taking ceremony following your approval. Significant delays may persist even after immigration offices open again.

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-Step 1. Learn if you are eligible to become a citizen. The initial question is typically if you possess a green card, which is for lawful permanent residence. With minimal exceptions, you must get a green card before you are eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. If you do have lawful permanent residency, you must fulfill requirements to achieve eligibility for citizenship. These entail how much time you’ve been in the country as a green card holder as well as your moral character. Also for eligibility you must pass a test on the English language and on government and history.

Step 2. Overcome obstacles to your eligibility for citizenship. You may discover that you’re not eligible citizenship. Perhaps, for instance, you can’t demonstrate moral character due to committing a crime. (It must not be a crime significant enough to make you removable.) Or, you broke the continuity of your time in the U.S. because you spent too much time outside the country. Consequently, you may simply need to wait longer in order to attain eligibility or take other actions. Consult an Immigration Lawyer Near Me Elgin IL for a full evaluation.

Step 3. Filing United States Citizenship and Immigration Services Form N-400. After establishing your eligibility, it’s time to submit the appropriate paperwork. The N-400 is the document that initiates the process. In 2020, the fee is $640 to submit the N-400 for naturalization, along with an $85 fee for fingerprinting. You will also need to include a copy of your current green card. After receiving your application, you’ll receive a date for your fingerprinting appointment in the mail.

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Step 4. Attending your fingerprinting appointment. A background check is part of processing your application. You’ll be provided a date and the location of a local office for your fingerprinting. Your fingerprints then go to the FBI and other databases for background checks.

Step 5. Your citizenship interview. Held at a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office, this usually occurs a few weeks after your fingerprinting appointment. You’ll receive a date and location for your interview. During this appointment, a representative of the USCIS reviews your N-400 and confirms your replies to the questions. The officer tests your knowledge of English and United States civics.

Step 6. Attend your swearing in ceremony. If you receive approval at your interview, you are almost done with the citizenship process. First, you’ll need to retain your eligibility. For example, if you are subject to arrest for a major crime before your oath ceremony, you risk losing eligibility.

The citizenship oath ceremony is typically a large public event. You and your fellow applicants will be given an oath in which you swear your loyalty to the U.S. Then you will receive a certificate of naturalization, which shows you’re a citizen of the U.S.

Why Hiring an Immigration Lawyer Near Me  is Beneficial

There are a few key reasons why hiring an immigration lawyer is probably the right decision for you:

-The application process for obtaining citizenship is complex. A legal professional can explain which documents you’ll need to complete and help you do so.

-There’s a developing trend of deportation. An immigration lawyer can ensure you do not make errors on your application paperwork. Errors can cost a lot of time and impede your chances of obtaining citizenship.

-Retaining an immigration lawyer to fill out your application for a visa can help save you a lot of time.

-Additionally, an immigration lawyer will know precisely which types of visas and relief may be accessible to you. Your lawyer can help you complete a valid and accurate application so you’ll get it right the first time.