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For Illinois residents who are struggling financially and existing paycheck-to-paycheck, filing for bankruptcy offers possible relief. Following are a few common signs that bankruptcy might be an option for you. If any of these apply, contact our law firm and speak to a Bankruptcy Lawyer Carpentersville IL.

-A recent job loss, divorce or other significant life event. Unemployment or steep divorce bills are common occurrences that can tip people over the financial cliff toward bankruptcy. Also, medical expenses that insurance does not cover can push people into debt. There’s typically a reason why people fall behind on their expenses and struggle to recover. Contrary to what many might believe, it’s not necessarily purchasing luxury products or other frivolous spending.

-Credit card use rising. When people start using their credit cards for gas and food, it can result in financial trouble. If you’re relying on your credit card to make ends meet rather than cash, bankruptcy may help you get protection. Talk with a Bankruptcy Lawyer Carpentersville IL if your credit card debt is overwhelming. We can advise if bankruptcy is your best option and recommend how to proceed.

-You have already gone through your savings account. Draining your nest egg on utility bills and groceries is another warning sign of impending bankruptcy.

-Paying off debts with loans from other sources. Are you borrowing funds from friends and family just to pay rent, bills or your mortgage? While family may offer emergency relief, this is a dangerous financial position to be in. Owing money to relatives can put strain on relationships and is often a source of problems.

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-You dread the thought of opening your mail. When the notion of opening your mail causes stress and worry, it’s a sign that your financial worries are mounting. Consider contacting a Bankruptcy Lawyer Carpentersville IL for advice today.

-You cannot get caught up your bills. When monthly bills keep escalating and you’re out of options for paying them, consider taking to our law firm.

Continual harassment from aggressive creditors. This is one of the worst aspects of financial trouble. When creditors are after you, it’s becomes stressful to answer the phone. It’s normal to feel anxious regarding who keeps calling you and what they are saying to you. This is a telltale warning sign that you should spend to a Bankruptcy Lawyer Carpentersville IL. Our experienced lawyers can put a stop to those calls from creditors.

-If you are getting behind on your mortgage or car payments. Falling behind on expenses is stressful enough, but missing home or vehicle payments is especially worrisome. In general, you probably will not get much assistance from your lender. Certainly, you’ll want to consider alternatives like filing for bankruptcy protection.

-When you are looking a debt consolidation loans. Seeking relief from debt management companies may seem like a good option. However, it’s typically not in your best interests to do this. There are some companies that will take a big chunk of your payments in fees. In turn, they may not forward much of it to your creditors. Consequently, that means paying down your debts will take longer.

To that end, hiring a Lawyer is generally better than turning to debt consolidators.

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-If anxiety over your financial situation is overwhelming and you’re losing sleep, call ASM Law today.

The sooner you take the initiative, the sooner you’ll be on the road to financial recovery. After a free consultation, we can recommend if filing for bankruptcy will offer you the best solution.