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For most any Illinois resident, debt is a very common factor. Certainly, this applies to individuals as well as business entities. People from all walks of life use sources of credit in order to attain their goals. For example, credit cards enable the purchasing of items like clothing or electronics. Or a line of credit with a bank can enable people to start up a business. In either case, proper management and repayment of debt can serve a positive purpose. However, there are times when something we cannot foresee occurs and results in major financial trouble. A job loss, a healthcare emergency, a vehicle accident or divorce can cause debts to mount fast.

Without a doubt, filing for bankruptcy is often a valid choice for a lot of people in Illinois. In fact, some estimates show that over 3000 cases of bankruptcies proceed every month in the Land of Lincoln. According to federal law, bankruptcy status provide you the right to cancel or reorganize your debts. Here at ASM Law, our legal professionals are ready to help you gain a better understanding of your options. If filing for bankruptcy is the right solutions for you, we will advise you throughout every step of the process. Legal expertise is critical for protecting your rights and ensuring the best possible outcome for you.

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Our law firm offers considerable experience in bankruptcy cases as well as foreclosure. With our expertise at your side, you gain peace of mind knowing that relief from financial debt is possible. Starting with our first consultation throughout the conclusion of your case, we take a thorough approach to each detail. This is essential because each bankruptcy case is different and problems can develop at any point in a case.

What to Expect After Filing for Bankruptcy

There are usually just a few meetings where clients meet with their bankruptcy lawyer in person. In most situations, communications can take place over email and phone.

For a standard Chapter Seven or Chapter Thirteen bankruptcy filing, there are a number of documents your Bankruptcy Lawyer Bartlett IL usually needs. These include paycheck stubs, tax returns and bank statements. In addition, lawsuits you are a part of and other relevant legal documents like deeds. In comparison to some other legal proceedings, bankruptcy filings don’t generally require a large amount of documents. However, you will probably need to attend a meeting of your creditors along with the bankruptcy trustee. In nearly all Chapter Seven bankruptcies, this is the sole meeting you must attend outside of meeting with your lawyer. Likewise for the majority of Chapter Thirteen bankruptcy cases. The Illinois county where you live determines the location of your meeting of creditors.

In some Chapter Thirteen cases there may be other court hearings. But unless you will be testifying at these hearings, your Bankruptcy Lawyer Bartlett IL can represent you.

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In general, the key difference among the different types of bankruptcy chapter filings is nonexempt assets and disposable income. This type of income is what remains each month once taxes are taken out and payment of living costs. However, it’s important to note this doesn’t include payments to credit cards and forms of debt like medical costs.

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